Company Philosophy

Global Wireless Technology (GWT), Inc., a private company, was founded in 2007. GWT has been developing innovative wireless technologies that challenge and advance the state-of-the-art in the wireless area. GWT improves the efficiency of existing wireless systems, including RFID and medical applications, while offering an attractive risk-free business approach for its customers.

GWT was a gold sponsor of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology. GWT's founder, Dr. David Nghiem, was a keynote speaker for the conference. He gave a presentation on "Cell-phone: Issues & Solutions". GWT cares about the several billion cell-phone users around the world. GWT's mission is to help both the industry and the public by providing not only safe technologies but also reliable measurement techniques. Click here to watch Dr. Nghiem's seminar on Cell-phone Issues and Solutions at the Idaho State University. To significantly improve cell-phone system performance and reduce radiation, GWT has also introduced a simple, but effective solution: GWT Wireless-Device Grip-Guide.

Dr. David Nghiem gave the FDA a seminar on "Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) & Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) Communication Systems for Implants and Body-worn Devices: Issues & Solutions" on February 10th, 2017. GWT proudly provides the industry with a reliable and cost-effective BLE/MBAN communication system for a variety of medical applications. Click here to watch May 2017 GWT/IEEE Joint Seminar on "BLE/MBAN Communication Systems for Medical Applications" presented by Dr. David Nghiem. Please also click here to download a copy of the presentation slides.

Technologies & Services

  • GWT Solution for Implant-Explosive-Device Detection

    This cost-effective and innovative technology is utilized for home-land security and anti-terrorism applications. This technology could save many lives.

  • GWT Consulting

    Antenna/circuit/system design, implementation and measurement, design/engineering verification testing, system/interference/EMC/EMI testing, MRI safety/compatibility testing, certification testing, production testing, and regulatory/compliance matters.

  • GWT MRI Safety/Compatibility

    GWT has developed cost-effective MRI safety technologies for implant devices, including wireless pacemakers, defibrillators and bio-sensors. GWT also developed a reliable and cost-effective MRI survivability/SAR/heating testing methodology.

  • GWT Antenna Measurement Technique

    In addition to our unique antenna-design methodology, the active/passive antenna-efficiency measurement technique significantly shortens the design cycle, including antenna design for the RFID and medical applications.